Thursday, August 16, 2012

Tekkit Adventures

2 posts in 2 days?

Yeah,  crazy I know!

I'm waiting for P-L to finish downloading TF2.

That was fun.

I've been playing Tekkit alot.
Tekkit is a minecraft mod.

Yay for NerdMods for Minecraft!


Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Re-Return

Remember when I said I would update the blog?
Yeah it's going to happen.

I'm waiting for the new Team Fortress 2 Update: Mann vs Machine.

It's the new update, Containing (as far as I know) a new game mode, where Red and Blu fight together against the evil Menace that are Robots.
For back story go to:
Part 1:
Part 2:
(Thank you Max)
Did I mention I love TF2?
So TF2 has 9 classes in the following order: Scout, Soldier, Pyro, Heavy, Engineer, Sniper, Medic, Spy.
My best class is Spy
This is him.

Well, not exactly. Mine has a better hat, and a tie, and a rose.
If I were going to put our entire blog into TF2 Charecters, this would be it:

This is Possessed Llama:

The Pyro. Why? Because she's F*cking crazy.

This is Margo (whom you may know as Doctor_Luna)

Why? Because she is. No questions.

This is Nia, who is *sob* no longer in our blog

Why? Because that picture is funny.


Okay, in the middle of posting this, I discovered that Grace is leaving our Blog.
However, this is good new too. She is starting a Video Blog.

PS: Video and Blog has a baby. It's name is Vlog.


I think i've watched too much How I Met Your Mother

I'll try and post more often, and I ofter my best Rimmer salute to Nia.


The Departure of Nia

Ugh, nobody has posted in a while so i guess I'm gonna, but i swore to myself that somebody has to post before i do cause it really just feels like me posting right MY BLOG! NOBODY ELSE! BACK OFF! but i really don't want to be like that. So....... uh. yeah.

So if you actually looked at the title, I'm leaving Ninja Ducks, but don't worry. You can still get your fill of Nia/Grace/Snickers at my youtube channel cause...

wait for it

wait for it



So if you want to se that its at :
so thats my channel. if you have a problem with this tell me so cause....SOMEBODY else post!

Now that thats off my chest, I have had a lot of stuff that recently happened to me and i really dont want to go into full details so here is a list

1: I got new glasses, they are pink...I know, yell at me bt do it in a post
2: I got 4th place in a match at the gun range cause i got 9 out of ten...  :P
3: I got 80 bucks from an old lady who wanted me to make cat furniture for her cats to play on
4: I went to the doctor and my mother set up an appointment for a psychiatrist...thanks mom
5: I am extremely excited for school
6: I almost started dive team but mother said no
7: I got new uniforms today
8: I have become addicted to shooting the shit out of zombies in Left for Dead 2

I think thats all I wanted to talk about

So long, farewell, and thanks for all the fish

Friday, June 1, 2012


[Official Director of Ninja Ducks blog]
Hello everybody.
I'm back.

I have 3 issues to address in this announcement part of the post,

1. New design - Designs inspire posting, I will be working on that soon.
2. Quality Posting - Please post quality content. Seriously
3. The big one - Ninja Ducks 4.0
     A. Posting frequently through the summer, I might make a schedule
     B. A Game, something played in every post, changes every month
     C. Awesomeness
     D. Possibly a name change?

[End Transmission]

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter, Aunts birthday, and Doctor Who

Its Easter and for the first time, I wasn't up at the crack of dawn like I normally am. I have noticed that as we get older we louse that inocence, which is really obvious, but the holidays are passing by very fast for me. I can remember the second year after moving into our house the "Easter Bunny" placed jelly beans all over the main floor and color coating the piano keys with like blue was C and green was A and so on. We would go around the house picking up every single jelly bean except the black ones and just leaving them there. Not this year and no colored grass in ur baskets nothing. No little trinkets like finger puppets, and I know that stuff is kidish, but I still enjoy it. Just a chocolate Easter Bunny and some malted milk balls in our baskets. All the jelly beans get put into a bowl ( they were Belly flops ). This Easter we had a brunch at our house with waffels, lots of fruit, scrambled eggs and bacon. For our Easter dinner, we went over to my grandma's house and had ham and lamb. You have never tasted lamb like my Grandpa's lamb. It is sooooo good.

Niether of my 2 aunts live in Minnesota and i get really excited when they come up. One aunt, Aunt Jenny, lives in Topika, Kansas and we hardly ever see her, but the aunt that came up was Aunt Molly, and it was her birthday yesterday, so we had her up for her birthday. I got her some nice lotion, bath salts, and bubble bath. Typical gifts

But Doctor who! Yes! It would be nice to know when the new season starts so i can keep up. I GOT MY FIRST DOCTOR WHO PIECE OF MERCHENDICE!!! Its a black T-shirt with the TARDIS on it and underneath the TARDIS it says "you never forget your first Doctor" Molly gave it to me for working so hard on the tile table I did for my grandparents and there is a picture on facebook if u want to see it. As she gave it to me, and i quote she said- "Yeah, I din't really know which Doctor's screwdriver you liked, but hey your birthday is" and then her voice trailed off. Not for certain anything, but I am hoping, really hoping.

Is there anything else I can ramble on about? OH MY GOSH! MY STUPID MUSIC TEACHER!!! He is-UGH! I don't like him. He has this two part curiculum in 7th and 8th grade, like it continues into 8th grade. I WASN"T HERE FOR 7TH GRADE!!! I don't have the notes for 7th grade and he says they are manitory, and that I should have them. I tryed to explain to him that I wasn't here, and he said "I know you weren't here, but you still need the notes" so he gets up and walks to the cubbord and gets one of the sevies notebinder, and he throws it at me. HE TREW IT!!! "There" he says "Start copying" He wanted me to copy a 7th graders work. The sevie was a guy and for some reason I can't read boys handwrighting at this school. Anyway, I'm mad at him. I don't like him at all.

Well thats it i guess

See ya!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Not a post just a quick little quip

I am really pissed at the judges for theatre. I din't get the role. I didn't even make the cast people who sway and mumble about in the background. But what really got on my nerves is there is this little 7th grade girl who is so adoralbe, but she has a problem with her voice due to lazer surgery, and she can hardy speak. What makes me mad about this is that she got a SINGING part. Seriously? WTF!!!

Thanks for your supporting word though, Luna

Friday, March 2, 2012

The Age of Aquarius

Is our theme school for now? Sure feels like it, after reading Nia's last post, as well as the Captain's. Though I won't argue that school is a pretty large part of our lives, considering we spend 80 percent of our waking hours there. The statistic was a guess. Bonus points to anyone who can find some legitamate data.

My school's ok. It's got a fantastic anime club, a decent band program, and I've got the Best Math Teacher Ever this year, so no justified complaints here! In fact, my school's band just had their winter concert. It went pretty well, even though we were missing about half our percussion section. But I don't even like those guys anyway. Much.

NIA THEY BETTER GIVE YOU THAT PART. I haven't seen you sing or dance, but I know you work hard, therefore you Deserve It. Simple enough.

Speaking of plays/musicals/thespian societies, the High School that I'll be attending next year is putting on a production of Hair (good musical) this Saturday, and my mother's letting me go! I am so very excited, since the musical's good, and half the cast is drop-dead GORGEOUS. (Yes. I can be that shallow.)

Well, that's all that's going with me. I'll have the challenge completed soon as well.

Tally ho!
Doctor Luna